What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Many men believe that erection problems are an inevitable problem of the aging process.

But you do not actually have to live with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ED is treatable. Many things can contribute to ED from physical factors to possible side effects of medications you are taking.

Even personal or emotional problems may influence. But, in most cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated, regardless of cause be physical or psychological.

If you think you suffer from erectile dysfunction, see your doctor as soon as possible to have a correct diagnosis.

Your doctor can help you diagnose and treat Erectile Dysfunction and any underlying factors that may be causing the issue.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Although many men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), not all have the same symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction can be:

An Inability to achieve an erection.

You can achieve an erection, but without a sufficient level of rigidity to allow penetration.

You can achieve an erection but not keep it until the end of intercourse.

Quick Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) is a common problem that affects many men. It can get in the room in your private moments but also intrudes in other areas of his life, from relationships to self-esteem.

The technical definition of ED is the inability to achieve and / or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. In other words, the penis is not sufficiently rigid (erect) to allow penetration. The erection is a complex process that involves changes in the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the penis. Simplistically, erectile dysfunction occurs because there is not enough blood to the penis or it does not remain in the penis for the time needed to maintain an erection.

You are Not Alone

About 52% of men between 40 and 70 have ED. If you think you have ED, you are not alone. Some erection problems do not last long or occur frequently, but if they remain or occur more frequently, it could be a sign that you have ED.

Ignoring the problem does not solve anything. It is important to address the matter with your doctor.

Although the likelihood of suffering from erectile dysfunction increases with age, this problem is not inevitable in the aging process . Talk to your doctor. There is a wide range of treatment options available


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