involve your partner

You may be thinking: “The problem has to do with me. What does my partner has to do with it?”

It’s simple.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that is treatable, and sometimes caused by other diseases, such as diabetes or heart problems. When the problem goes beyond occasional difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, it is time to act. Even if it is uncomfortable to broach the subject, it will be easier for your partner to seek the medical attention and be treated if you get involved in the process.

Discuss your ED Problem with your Partner

It is not easy to talk about erectile dysfunction, but it could help you both if you do.

Do not avoid talking about it with your partner, neither of them know what the other feels and thinks. Remember that for many men Erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition.

Be direct and honest when talking with your partner, being sensitive about their needs and concerns.

Do not forget to stick to the facts and try to think and talk about erectile dysfunction as a disease that is treatable.Thus, both will better understand what is happening and what to expect as a couple.

Find out About your Options in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Find out about the problem and the treatment options available, and share this information with your partner. When both know all the facts, you can make an informed decision together with the doctor about how to proceed.

Make a List of Medications that He Takes

It is important that your partner tell the doctor about all medications, vitamins and natural supplements they are taking. The doctor needs this information since certain medications can cause complications if taken in combination with certain drugs for Erectile Dysfunction.

Also, some medicines themselves can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect, so the doctor may need to change your current medication.


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